Organizing coalition

Three organizations joined together as a coalition to submit applications to the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal requesting that the court hear this case on Human Rights, Fracking and Climate Change:


  • The Spring Creek Project and The Master of Arts in Environmental Arts and Humanities initiative, both at Oregon State University, are, along with the PPT Steering Group, co-organizing and hosting the May 14-18, 2018 plenary Tribunal Sessions. They are also providing  promotional, artistic and technical support. is donating conferencing software and technical support for conducting the plenary Sessions online.
  • The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, Gianni Tognoni, MD, Secretary General, will select the panel of judges, conduct the Tribunal, hear the cases presented by prosecuting and defense attorneys and will issue the Tribunal’s findings after all hearings have been completed.
  • Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal Headquarters
    Fondazione Lelio Basso Sezione Internazionale
    Via della Dogana Vecchia
    5 – 00186 Rome, Italy