Fracking stinks!

I have lived and tried to survive with fracking all around my home. The smell is awful (like rotten eggs, baby poop, ammonia and diesel)! I have had to wear a gas mask outside on many occasions due to the smell and the effects it has on my breathing. I am now using a breathing machine daily AND 2 rescue inhalers as I have labored breathing after exposure. I have brain fog, dizzy spells, falls associated with lightheadedness, numbness in my hands, bouts of depression and anxiety, sleep disorders, severe asthma and terrible allergies. I had an income tax preparation business open here for 14 years and had to close it last year due to the smells, problems with “brain fog” and effects it was having on my customers. Our oak trees started showing distress and our garden hasn’t been producing well for the last 4 years.

Name: lynn buehring