Fracking Can Never Be made Safe .

The regulations are in no way, Gold Standard. I have witnessed leaking chemicals
during the 2014 fracking at Barton Moss. They vehicles carried to the site were, dripping from the vehicles delivering them, wheich means they had contaminated
the roads on their journey to Barton Moss, as well as the area being fracked. The
flaring process of burning off the gas, causes, a huge ammount of invisable methane pollution that is not going to be measured, not only is this a danger to the climate of huge proportions. But a danger to health, as we have seen in North America and Australia. The chemicals used ( of we I have a list ) are carcinagenic and immune disrupters. The politicians have a duty of care, under Human Rights law, to protect our health, and to keep our drinking water safe, for us. They are ignoring this duty of care. Biased news reporting on the subject, can make the process seem safe, however when people realise the effects on our water, and the huge ammount of waste water produced by the industry it will be too late. This is our countryside, Beautiful Lancashire, and we do not want it to be industrialised and made into a toxic wasteland for the children to grow up into.

Name: Jane Smith