Diary of a landholder activist

I moved into the Manning Valley, NSW Australia in 2012 to discover a coal seam gas license over the property, a determined fracking company AGL Energy and an even more determined local population against them.
As a MBA trained former regional economic development board manager & media manager, I began contact with the key affected people in Chinchilla, Queensland heard their horrendous true stories and continue contact now.
This is an ongoing story.
People recently evacuated from the gas fields are recovering and we are monitoring their improvement. We fully expect a large Class Action legal battle to gain compensation for the dramatic effect that the gas industry rapid expansion caused on those local residents unable to sell and move out.
This onshore fracking industry has caused irreparable damage to the local communities & economies as evidenced in the massive media coverage generated during the debate.
The Australian Government has endorsed the implemented flawed policy of the Queensland government, especially allowing gas well abandonment & fast liability end, methane emission all along the infrastructure, self-reporting & monitoring, aquifer water draw down and the winding back of regulations.
AGL Energy not only got out of fracking Gloucester, they got out of fracking ~ I have said I will not stop campaigning until there is justice for those harmed.

Name: Mark Anning

Website: http://coal-seam-gas.com/