Truthout announces series on Fracking Tribunal

Truthout has just announced an eighteen part series of articles devoted to the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on the Human Rights Impacts of Fracking. Approximately one article per month will be published between now and the Tribunal’s two weeks of plenary hearings — one week in the US and one week in the UK — in March of 2017.

The series, Truthout editors explain, “will delve into one of the most powerful tools of the human rights approach, the telling of the story. We will tell the story of the PPT, the stories behind the PPT and the story of the growing awareness of the human rights implications of fracking. We will take an up-close look at what applying a human rights approach to unconventional fossil fuel extraction means in the context of international law and policy, national energy policies, corporate transparency and accountability, and the impacts of extreme energy developments on frontline communities, ecosystems, and local lives.”

The first article in the series was published October 2nd and is viewable here.

The series “aims to provide a deeper understanding of what happens in the sociocultural, psychological, physiological, economic and political life of individuals and communities when the things they have taken for granted, such as their rights to clean drinking water, clean air, education, and sacred and subsistence land, and even to participate in local and state government decisions, are sometimes slowly, and other times abruptly, removed.”