Lori's Story

“This is not my fault, there is nothing I can do about it and there is no reason to fix anything because it just keeps happening”





We moved into our beautiful, 100 year old brick house in 2004 and we have experienced thousands of earthquakes, our house has been crumbling. It takes a 4.0 earthquake to really feel it but my house is shaken by even the small ones and produces cracks that cannot be avoided. My first inclination was to always blame the cats but I can’t blame them anymore because they are not jumping on the bed and making it shake when they are already asleep on it. It’s the floor that’s shaking!

The structural engineers say you know the damage is from an earthquake when two things happen. First, you see cracks in the corners. I have cracking in all the corners of my house. Second, you see cracks where the wall meets the ceiling. I have that too.

Everytime I feel any vibration or hear any noise at my house I stop. I wait. If nothing shakes, I continue with my day. Every single time. I never used to worry about this and I have lived in Kansas since I was born. I feel as if I am living in a haunted house with a poltergeist that shows itself unexpectedly and damages my property for no reason. My walls are cracked, my basement and garage floors are cracked, my north wall has slipped, and it is all getting worse. We just had a 5.0 this week and now my cracking has widened. I have given up on repairing things knowing no repairs will be permanent. I grew up and still live with tornadoes but I also know what to do and how to find safety. There is no safety from induced earthquakes where I live. Even earthquake insurance doesn't work because the companies say they will only cover naturally occurring quakes.

I first noticed it happening after I got my bathroom remodeled. The bathroom was perfect, I felt like I had my own spa, it was beautiful. Soon after though I noticed a crack that went around the room - the cement boards had moved. I called the contractor immediately and he came in and fixed it all up. It only lasted a few more months before more cracks started appearing and the tile completely shifted.  

In December I was outside putting my trash out and I looked up to see the electric line was shaking. I thought maybe it was a squirrel but there were none in sight, then I heard a loud creaking sound. It was the second story of my house shaking.

Another night I was getting ready to go to bed and it sounded like a bear was on the side of the house trying to break through the wall. It of course was not a bear but another earthquake that was causing the bricks on the outside of the house  to scrape on the interior walls. Now what is going to happen that they are no longer attached to each other? Everyday I live in fear, when is the next earthquake going to happen? What is going to break next? I love this house and I hate to see the beautiful old oak and bricks be torn apart.

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